Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

A Simmons Beautyrest mattress is possibly the best known brand in the country, if not the entire world. But Simmons is a world class mattress manufacturer, so is the Beautyrest the best one they make, or is there a better choice? We will look at a few of the facts, and try to help make that question a little clearer.

Where many lines of mattresses are made of only one type, the Beautyrest mattress collection is made of four separate mattress types, beginning with a traditional innerspring, and progressing through pocket coils and memory foam to the highest level, which is a blend of memory foam and pocket coil springs. This is an edge for marketing purposes, can be somewhat confusing to ordinary folks looking for a new mattress, and without any informational background to draw from.

The most basic mattress in the collection is the Beautyrest Classic mattress, which is the most traditional of the collection. It uses innersprings composed of tempered steel, and is one of the most supportive of the Beautyrest mattresses. For frugal shoppers, this is probably going to be the most economical mattress in the whole collection, but don't take that to mean this is a cheaply made mattress, it is merely priced economically.

The Beautyrest World Class provides exceptional support, and high quality memory foam construction. Where many memory foam mattresses retain excess body heat, the patented mattress top of a the World Class line allows air flow under the body to transport body heat away from you before it can make your sleep uncomfortable.

Third in the Beautyrest collection is the Beautyrest Exceptionale, which uses a unique double layer of pocket coil springs to give you a balance between plushness and superior orthopedic support. Pocket coil spring are better able to mold to the natural contours of the body, providing added support in area that need it, and generally allowing better spinal alignment than you can get with many other similar mattresses.

The newest and last item in the Beautyrest mattress collection is a memory foam using a proprietary viscoelastic foam, and is known as the Beautyrest NxG mattress. By using a special vacuum sealed manufacturing process, the NxG foam is better able to conduct heat away from the body than ordinary memory foam, and many picky sleepers consider it to be the best mattress available.

Hopefully, you now understand why it is difficult to pinpoint a particular Simmons Beautyrest mattress to be the best. Each model, from the Classic to the NxG memory foam, is designed to fill a special mattress niche, and give Simmons' customers a broad choice of exceptional sleep surfaces. Beautyrest is, indeed, the flagship mattress line from Simmons, and with so many choices available, it's fairly easy to understand how that came to be.