What's The Best Air Mattress?

It used to be that purchasing an air bed required a brief trip to a local store and selecting the cheapest model on the shelf. As with everything in our age of advanced technology, picking out the best air mattress is no longer that simple. There is a lot more to be considered if you want to select a mattress that will serve your intended purposes and last for years to come.

Sleeping on an air mattress may be necessary from time to time, but there is no reason you or your guests have to feel like they are sleeping on something temporary! The stability and comfort of the beds you select for every day use can now be offered in an air mattress, yet you get to keep the convenience of setting them up and taking them down in just a minute.

An AeroBed mattress offers more basic features, but comes with the durability and dependability that this brand is known for. While many of the beds from this manufacturer are aimed at campers and outdoor enthusiasts, the AeroBed Premier Raised air mattress is a higher end model that is designed with the home in mind.

This raised bed sits two feet off the floor when fully blown up and gives more of the feel of stable bedding. It also comes with a bed skirt and cover and the firmness is easily adjusted with a convenient control wand.

Another option is the Select Comfort air mattress. There aren't as many models from this brand, but the ones that are available have a lot to offer. One model in particular has proven itself as the elite in the air bed market: the Simmons Luxaire mattress. This one has a pillow top that gives a more comforting, soft sleeping surface and stands higher off the ground so you do not feel like you are sleeping on an air mattress at all.

The top of these mattresses has a velvet smooth surface that is full sized and holds over six hundred pounds. This means it can easily accommodate more than one person, without anyone feeling squished or rolling off the edge.

Which one of these is the best air mattress depends on the purpose you expect it to serve in your home, but they all deliver a great night of sleep with the ability to adjust the firmness to each individual sleeper's preferences. That is something that many other types of mattresses cannot match.

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