Memory Foam Mattress, Bed & Topper

The application of visco elastic memory foam products in the bedding industry has seen a significant change in the types of beds and mattresses that we sleep on.

Twenty years ago the common view was that a good bed offering support and orthopedic advantages should be firm if not hard. That view has however changed and the advent of memory foam is the main reason why.

The importance of visco elastic foam

Visco elastic foam differs from springs in that is has a natural ability to shape and wrap itself around any weighty object placed upon it. Because of this it is highly effective at contouring itself around the natural shape of a human body and, in doing so, it supports the body in its most natural position.

Put simply, a memory foam bed or mattress adapts itself to the shape of any individual lying upon it and it shapes itself around their unique curves and bumps. It also deflects proportionately based on the varying weights of the different limbs and parts of the torso and this means that it supports the body in a balanced way, i.e. without any pressure points.

The summation of all of this is that a memory foam bed, mattress or topper should provide the most balanced and "evenly distributed" spread of body weight during sleep. Naturally this helps good sleep and importantly reduces "significantly" the number of times that a sleeping person turns, moves and wakes up whilst in bed. Achieving this results in a better quality of sleep and consequently a more rested and invigorated feeling the following morning.

Memory foam bedding products

There are a number of bedding products that use visco elastic foam and all are items that we lay upon. The obvious ones are the bed and mattress, however comfort toppers and pillows are very popular and they can be used to add comfort to existing bedroom furniture.

Toppers using memory foam make perfect additions to beds composed of springs or very firm mattresses, and they provide an extra level of comfort and body contouring. These visco elastic toppers can convert a traditional hard sleeping surface into a much softer, pliable and supportive one and at a fraction of the cost of a new bed.

Pillows are also important and again visco foam adapts and shapes itself to the head of anyone resting upon it. This means that it offers superior head and neck support and keeps the back in an ideal position during all stages of sleep.

What to buy

Some people like memory foam beds whilst others prefer spring based systems, so it is important to think carefully about the available options before buying a new bed/mattress.

One way of checking out a memory foam sleeping surface is to buy a foam mattress topper and place it on top of the mattress that you already have. These toppers, see for some examples, are comparatively cheap and they avoid the cost of buying a complete bedding set.

You can also look at some other bedding constructions that offer similar properties and these include latex foam, water beds and the latest gel mattresses. You can find out more about what they are and how they work at