Consider Latex Mattresses

Perhaps the least known and most desirable traits of a latex mattress is that most of them are considered to be hypo-allergenic. They are not prone to absorbing dust, pollen, or dust from the air, to begin with, and to complete the security latex is a natural product without the chemicals allergies some people experience with other types of memory foam. For the millions of people who suffer from severe allergies, this is a great reason why the latex mattress is the best sleep solution.

What is well known about latex mattresses are their ability to return to their factory shape day after day for years without suffering from the sagging that may be experienced with innerspring mattresses. The reason for this is really a simple one, and has to do with the basic nature of the two. Where an innerspring mattress uses the coils to fill out the mattress and provide support, a latex foam mattress is composed of millions of tiny "bubbles" which are "inflated" in their natural state. When pressure is applied, the bubbles deflate, and then expand again when the weight has been removed.

There is one common complaint associated with a natural latex mattress, however. Many people are troubled by faster, warmer metabolisms during their sleep period, which results in excess body heat. A latex mattress is not very efficient at heat removal, for the same reason it retains its shape for a longer period. As the bubbles are compressed, the actual material heats up deeper into the mattress, where a traditional innerspring mattress has open air space that allows heat dissipation, preventing many cases of what are commonly referred to as "night sweats."

A synthetic latex mattress is likely to be less expensive than a natural latex mattress, but it also sacrifices much of the hypo-allergenic properties as well. The synthetic variety is a product of space research, and was originally developed in part by NASA. The movement reduction properties are more pronounced in the synthetic type as well, making convenience and health issues a possible trade-off for those comparing foam mattresses.

For the most part, latex mattresses are recognized for their ability to more completely shape itself around the body, providing support proportionately to the weight being applied. Through the use of a cotton mattress topper, the problem with body heat accumulation can even be solved, which eliminates most complaints associated with a latex mattress, and making one a choice definitely worth consideration.

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