Can A Memory Mattress Prevent Sleep Deprivation?

If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed the whole night without being able to sleep, then you might be suffering from sleep deprivation. This can be an irritating situation as you'll no doubt be sleepy the whole of the next day and unable to concentrate at work. Have you ever thought about the role the mattress you're using plays in your being unable to sleep easily? The truth is that sometimes just making your bed a little bit more comfortable to sleep in can solve many sleeping problems. Perhaps you should think about switching to a more comfortable mattress. The good news is that through advancements in technology, material called memory foam has been developed and is now a popular material for use in mattresses. I'm sure you're excited to know just how memory foam mattresses can prevent sleep deprivation.

How was memory foam invented and used in mattresses?

You could really call the invention of memory foam high tech as it was the United States' own NASA that developed the material for use by its astronauts in their space shuttles. They were planning to create a material that could make astronauts more comfortable in the very stressful periods of a space shuttle launch.

Next, the material was tried for use by hospital patients. Because some of these patients stayed in bed for very long periods of time, even extending to months or years, they experienced great stresses on their bodies. Circulation would sometimes get cut off because of the pressures their joints exerted against the bed and this would cause the patients irritations and injuries. Because of memory foam's ability to conform to the body's contours, the material was found useful in preventing these patients from suffering these injuries. Memory foam was also found to be very comfortable and the patients slept soundly on their beds. When production costs for memory foam became low enough, mattress makers jumped at the chance to start using it on their mattresses.

What are the advantages of memory foam mattresses?

Mattresses made from memory foam are actually denser than those made from other foams. When a person lies on a mattress made out of memory foam, the heat from his body affects the foam such that the warmer areas become less dense and then sink. This makes the memory foam adjust to the contours of the person's own body. This is the main way how memory foam mattresses can prevent sleep deprivation, by cradling a person's body in such a comfortable manner, the person does not have to adjust his position as often as he would on other mattresses.

Another important way how memory foam mattresses can prevent sleep deprivation is by giving proper support to the neck and vertebrae of the person sleeping on it. This ensures that the person sleeping on it won't be suffering from a stiff neck or an aching back. In colder climates, the memory foam mattress would also retain more heat making the sleeping experience of a person more relaxing.

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