Buy The Right Mattress

Buying the right mattress is important to ensure it best supports your body and gives you a good night's sleep. If you are buying a bed with a partner you should arrange to shop together to ensure you are both happy with the feel of the mattress and meets both your requirements. You should set yourselves enough time to ensure you have enough time to try out the beds properly. Since we spend a third of our life in bed it is important that we are comfortable here. The majority of people will spend no more than two minutes trying out a bed; you should spend at least ten minutes to properly check whether it is comfortable and right for you.

When you go to try a mattress wear comfortable clothes and take off your outer clothes such as coat and shoes so you can see how it will feel were you to have this mattress at home. Adopt your normal sleeping position, make sure you lie on your back as well as your side as most people will move to get comfortable during the night and may find a different sleeping style with a new mattress.

You will have to judge for yourself whether the mattress suits you however to have a comfortable mattress do look for one that supports your body properly which will vary depending on height, build, weight and general sleeping position. Normally a heavier person will need a firmer tension mattress. The overall aim is have a good posture, if the bed is too soft the body will slouch leading to back pain, too hard and it will cause discomfort. Mattress should mould to your body shape. When lying on your side your spine should be horizontal and you should be able to easily turn.

Size does matter when it comes to choosing the size of the mattress. If you share a bed with a partner you should be able to lie side to side with your arms behind your head and your arms out without touching. If a partner is taller than six feet they will likely need a longer than standard mattress, there should always be four inches of space left at the bottom of the bed.

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